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Asthma: Fact Sheets

On this page are asthma fact sheets related to asthma's impact in the state of North Carolina by age, gender, income and ethnicity, as well as other demographics. Each fact sheet includes pertinent data and helpful tips to control and prevent asthma.

We encourage you to download, print, and post or share the asthma fact sheets in your home, office, school, or anywhere else asthma touches your life or the lives of those important to you and/or with whom you come into contact personally and professionally.

You may download the fact sheets by clicking the thumbnail or text link. The fact sheets are provided in PDF format.

 Demographic Fact Sheets

Asthma in North Carolina

Asthma in North Carolina (PDF, 969 KB)

Flu Poster for Patients with Asthma

Flu Poster for Patients with Asthma - Large Poster (PDF, 1.5 MB; 17"x22" printed using the "Poster" option); Small Poster (944 KB; 11"x17" printed using the "Poster" option)

 Multi-Unit Housing Fact Sheets